Adopting A Potcake


Adoption is an easy, straightforward, but strict process.  We have two main criteria, those being love and commitment.  Many of these dogs have never had a home, are frightened and just need a chance.  We want them to have a home, but it must be a forever home.  We need to know that your family is committed to your new family member...because they will most certainly give you a lifetime of love, loyalty and joy.

Applying To Adopt

The first step is to complete our Adoption Application.  Basically we want to know your level of experience with dogs, your expectations of the dog.  It is important that your family gets the dog that meets your needs, wants and expectations.  

A home visit will be required.  One of our volunteers will arrange a mutually convenient time to visit your home and make sure that the dog you are getting is suitable for the home you have.


Once your application is approved, the next step is to arrange for your new family member to be transported to you.  A number of factors will affect when your Potcake can be shipped out.  These include flight restrictions by airlines, availability of Puppy Porters to escort dogs to Canada, cost of shipment, etc.  But, be assured that we do everything in our power to get your Potcake to you as quickly and safely as possible.  Afterall, we want them to be in their new home for their sake!

Success Stories

Check out our "Tails Of Success" page to see what those that have adopted previously have experienced.  Plus, their tales just give a warm feeling, knowing these precious souls are now safe.