Advertising/Application Screening/Home Visits

Obviously the dogs do not magically get forever homes.  It takes a strong team in North America to give these dogs the exposure they need.

We also need volunteers to screen applications by reading the application and making phone calls to the applicant and their references.

Once the paper applications are "conditionally approved", a home visit is required.  There is a checklist to help with the home visit, and sometimes, if the applicant is located in a remote location, the visit is done by video call.

Vet Runs

Prior to export each dog needs vaccinations by a veterinarian and examination by the Ministry of Agriculture. The Ministry issues each dog an export certificate.

Doggy Dispatchers

Dogs need a ride to the airport to catch their flights.  We desperately need volunteers in St Lucia to give them and their crates a lift.  Sometimes the dogs fly accompanied with a passenger and other times they fly unaccompanied on Cargo flights.

Puppy Porters

Puppy Porters are those individuals, sometimes vacationers, willing to escort our dogs Commercial Airlines.  Our volunteers meet the Porter at both airports to dispatch and collect the dogs.

K9 Couriers

Couriers are those that pick up the dogs form the Airport at destination and shuttle them to their forever and foster homes.  Sometimes couriers are needed to collect crates or drop them off to Passengers flying TO St Lucia.


We are always looking for foster homes in North America to house our rescue dogs.  If you are interested, applications can be found below.