About Us

Saving Dogs - One At A Time

The Bruno Project was founded in 2016, when Vanessa Deline spotted Bruno (pictured at right). She was shocked and saddened by how thin and dirty he was.  She fed him several times and made her friend, Doris Jolicoeur, who lives in St Lucia, promise to continue to feed him.

In time, Doris and her husband took in Bruno and adopted him. He was treated for mange, tick fever, dehydration, worms, fleas, ticks and malnutrition.  Dr Scotland, our veterinarian only gave him a 50% chance of survival.

Bruno now lives a comfortable life, free of the fear, hunger and neglect that were his only companions as a stray dog.  He is very loved by Doris & Don as well as by their other dogs, Dude, Axel & Momma.

Changing Their Reality

Both Doris and Vanessa were moved to take action and change the everyday reality of at least some of the strays in St Lucia.  They researched the rules and laws governing the importation of dogs to Canada and established a strong network of volunteers.  Every animal is medically inspected and meets the exacting criteria of the importing nation.  

Since 2016, over 120 dogs have been given new lives in forever homes in Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom.

We Need You!

Whether as a donor, a puppy porter, foster parent, adoptive parent or friend that shares our story, we cannot save lives without your help.  We need you, for without you these wonderful dogs are certainly without hope.